Hunter Investigations works with law enforcement agencies and other private investigation agencies across the country to locate fugitives, missing persons and runaway and abducted children. Our list of most wanted and missing persons changes rapidly.

Hunter Investigations encourages everyone to help be on watch for people who do not frequent your neighborhood; who are wanted by the local authorities and who are on the national and international lists of most wanted.

In order to be helpful in the ongoing investigations it is important to get your facts straight. Living in a world of political correctness and an era of no profiling it can be a challenge to remember the facts. Remember the basics: eye color, hair color and ethnicity; height; weight and clothing; and any identifying features like tattoos, scars, moles or birthmarks. Although that does not sound like much it is. Other pieces of helpful may be whether the individual in question left on foot or got into a vehicle and drove away. Was it a car, truck or SUV? What color? If you are good recognizing make and model or are close enough to read any markings, license plate or bumper stickers, know that these are all good pieces of information to share.

In times of stress is is a lot to remember…so, relax, and write it down. Use the repetitive technique of orally reciting to yourself over and over again the details until you can obtain a pen and paper on which to write down the information. Then call the agency in your area to make the report.

If the situation is a life threatening emergency always call 911 first; if the situation is not, you may want to call your local agency’s non-emergency number. Many local law enforcement agencies have a Tip Line to call or email. Check out what your local LE has to offer and be prepared.

Remember, the most wanted are hiding somewhere and missing and exploited children are living somewhere. They travel through airports and bus stations; they eat at local restaurants and have jobs just like you do. Make it a habit to check the FBI and your home state’s most wanted lists on a regular basis so you can be part of the solution.

FBI Most Wanted

GBI Unsolved Cases

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children