With a lifetime of preparation, ten years of field training and prayerful consideration I opened Hunter Investigations LLC in 2006. I have grounded my company with a foundation that is rooted in Biblical principles because it reflects the same set of values that govern my own thoughts and actions. It is through these principles that I seek to bring integrity to the work that is produced here at Hunter Investigations by employing like-minded, qualified personnel, and delivering a work product that is genuine.

With this foundation in place each Client can be assured that their case is handled with integrity and discernment which is what I would expect if I were walking in your shoes. It is the principle of the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Matthew 7:12. This is a guiding principle in my life, so I apply this principle in my work place.

Every potential Client is entitled to a 30 minute free consultation with one of our licensed investigators during which we will give you an honest assessment of your case and determine how Hunter Investigations can be of support before you sign a contract for services. At the end of the consultation and case assessment you will be provided an opportunity to move forward with signing a contract. If we cannot provide the type of support you are seeking we will will not offer you a contract for service. It is important to me that Clients understand my investigators and I am here to help, but I will not allow you to engage the services of Hunter Investigations unless I believe you need the service Hunter Investigations can provide.

Hunter Investigations may not be the right firm for every Client, and because we are cognizant of this fact, we will not force the issue with you just to prove we can work your case.

Investigations are subjective and often times ambiguous in the directions they ebb and flow. As information gatherers and due diligence providers, we will work hard for you. Sometimes information that under girds your case is easily accessible and other times it takes a long period of time to locate. When a Client engages the service we provide, you can rest assured that there is an accurate accounting of the hours each investigator works on your case.

Clients will not be double billed or charged for work that was not performed. It is important for Clients to understand that the work of a private investigator is not about providing answers: it is about producing information. Everyone wants answers that make us feel good, but sometimes that is not what is revealed through an investigation. The information we provide is accurate, but not infallible. The production of information is an ongoing event and oftentimes sources of information on the same topic are different. We will work to substantiate the information we find so that your case can be supported. Although we do work closely with your legal counsel, we do not provide legal advice. Furthermore, it is for your protection that all documentation related to your case is submitted directly to your attorney. If you do not have an attorney we will maintain possession of the documentation until you retain legal counsel.

There are no guarantees in any investigation. There is no possible way for me or anyone else, for that matter, to guarantee that what you seek is what will be found. However, at Hunter Investigations I will guarantee one thing: I guarantee that we will work your case as though we are working for God, because it is He to whom I answer. I like to put my head on a pillow at night and sleep knowing my work has been pleasing to Him and I cannot do that if I have not put forth my best effort for my Clients.

I appreciate your consideration of Hunter Investigations LLC to provide professional support for your case and I look forward to speaking with you soon: 770.667.7467.

“To everything there is a season

Holly Dvorscak Hunter