Child Support Recovery is an expertise of Hunter Investigations LLC. We work closely with Child Support Enforcement Agencies across the country to assist custodial parents in recovering unpaid child support. It is not uncommon for the non-custodial parent to be court ordered to pay child support. In order to avoid they to job hop and move from one State to State or make up any number of excuses in order to disappear and live under the radar. Investigators with our firm specialize in tracking these non-custodial parents who are in arrears and turn this information over to the governing entity.

Many States have an agency dedicated to assist parents who are owed more than $5,000.00 in unpaid child support and have not received child support payments in more than 6 months. However, because of the overwhelming number of recipients who fit into this category most States do not have the man power or budget to follow through with each case. Hunter Investigations has experienced detectives who are ready to assist.

The financial responsibility of children lies with both parents and as such many States have set up Child Support Commissions to monitor the income levels of both parents on an annual basis and implement changes to the existing court order, increasing or decreasing the amount of the payments as needed.  Non-custodial and custodial parents alike are required to produce income verification documentation which is then reviewed and the level of child support payments is appropriately adjusted in order to adequately meet the needs of the children while maintaining a level of fiscal parity. A State of Georgia Official, who did not want to have their name mentioned, indicated that “…the work of the Child Support Commission should take the place of most of the custodial parents who continually seek child support adjustments in court. It’s about unclogging the courts, and fairness, too.”  The problem here is that often times parents are not forthcoming with the CSC and do not provide accurate documentation. Hunter Investigations can procure a financial profile of the non-custodial parent which can be presented to the CSC.

Georgia publishes a list of Child Support Evaders. It is interesting to note that, according to a State of Georgia employee in this office, if your ex is on this list it is because the State has exhausted their resources to locate him or her and they are waiting on a good Samaritan to call in with information.  How long are you willing to wait on someone else to make the call? Are you simply going to hope for the best or are you going to reach out for professional help?

Georgia, as with most States, is serious about enforcing payment of child support. Once Hunter Investigations detectives have located and laid eyes on non-custodial parent who has absconded and failed to pay their child support, we can refer our Clients to attorneys who can file the necessary paperwork with the court to obtain the money that is due. If the non-custodial parent will not produce documentation to the CSC, a lawyer can file necessary papers to the court to ensure that through garnishment of wages, seizure of workers compensation or unemployment benefits, reporting to the credit bureaus or revocation of a professional license the child support is paid.

According to recent statistics released from the US Census Bureau, there are a staggering 13.7 million parents who receive child support payments. Of these custodial parents only slightly more than half of them have an established a formal agreement to help ensure these payments are made. Of the $34.1 billion that is owed less than 63% of this is collected. What this tells you is that if your child support payments are supposed to total $75,000.00 each year you will probably only receive $47,250.00 on average. These statistics also let you know how overwhelmed and over worked the county child support recovery agencies are and why you need to solicit the help of our professional firm to assist you recover what is rightfully yours.

Hunter Investigations is here for you. If you are caught up in the world of child support recovery, contact our offices and speak with one of our investigative team to discuss how we can help.