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Hunter Investigations LLC

About Hunter Investigations LLC

About Hunter Investigations LLC

Based in Atlanta, GA, Hunter Investigations LLC is known for providing value – all investigations are conducted thoroughly, promptly and confidentially. We provide focused solutions that meet the needs of individuals, businesses, and attorneys. Our founder, Holly D. Hunter, has more than 10 years experience as a private investigator. She...
Investigate Before You Litigate

Investigate Before You Litigate

Investigate before you litigate, I said to an attorney today and want to repeat that phrase to everyone out there. It does not matter what the nature of your case is, if it is going to trial, if your case is going to be heard in a court of law...
Cell Phones, Batteries and Blame

Cell Phones, Batteries and Blame

In an article that appeared in today’s issue of USA Today, Are Lithium-Ion Batteries the Next Threat to Airline Safety? Gary Stoller recounts the incident in which American Airline Flight Attendants confiscated 58 lithium-ion batteries, cell phones and other electronic devices from one passenger during their flight from New York...
Latest entries
Hunter PI - Nanny Thief Au Pair

Hunter PI – Nanny Thief Au Pair

On Sunday morning a friend stopped to tell me about the horror his son, and daughter-in-law, John and Jane Doe, recently experienced with their children’s sitter, Thief Au Pair. John and Jane Doe are both professionals who were in need a full time sitter for their 2 preschool aged children when they came to learn...
Hunter PI - Boston Bombings

Hunter PI – Boston Bombings

The thoughts and prayers of everyone who works for Hunter Investigations LLC and SafePassage Adolescent Services go out to the victims, families and loved ones connected with yesterday’s Boston Bombings. Whoever took such action to disrupt, maim and kill people who were gathered in peace at a world class event have done nothing more than...
Hunter Investigations - SSN for Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Confetti?

Hunter Investigations – SSN for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Confetti?

Shredding your sensitive documents is old news. Since document shredders have become available for consumers more than 20 years ago most families have one. Furthermore, in an effort to help employees protect their identities many companies allow their employees to bring their sensitive documents to the office and shred them at work. You would have...
Hunter Investigations - Ladies Pay Attention

Hunter Investigations – Ladies Pay Attention

Ladies, do you know where your husbands were last night? Well, I do. At a posh bistro in Dunwoody, GA last night I was seated with my friends at a table right beside one of your husbands. Because of the configuration of the restaurant only a three foot high dividing wall separated my table from his....
Hunter Investigations - Pawn Shops and Lost Property

Hunter Investigations – Pawn Shops and Lost Property

Recovery of lost and stolen property investigations are on the rise. During these difficult economic times desperation seems to bring out the worst in people. Career criminals seem to be bolder and John and Jane Q. Public are driven to the point of distraction with trying to keep up appearances so that no one knows...

Hunter Investigations: Dougherty Gang Apprehended

The Dougherty Gang did not drive north after all; they went west…to Pueblo County, Colorado. After being spotted in a local Canon City stores purchasing a tent and other camping supplies the Pueblo County authorities were notified and with the help of the Colorado State Police apprehended the Dougherty Fugitives. Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk Taylor...