GAPPI - Georgia Association of Professional Private InvestigatorsHunter Investigations LLC is a member of the Georgia Association of Professional Private Investigators, Inc. (GAPPI), which was founded in July, 1996. It is a self-governing association of Private Investigators (professional investigators, private detectives) created to educate members, enforce the code of ethics, and to establish mutual feelings of trust and friendships among its members and other investigative agencies throughout Georgia and the United States.

GAPPI Code of Ethics

Article I
A Professional Private Investigator shall, at all times, demonstrate a commitment to professionalism in the performance of his or her duties as an investigator, abiding by the Laws in the State of Georgia or any other State in which to perform such duties.

Article II
A Professional Private Investigator will not engage in any illegal or unethical conduct that would be in direct conflict of the interest of his client, unless his client was determined to have violated the laws of the State or Nation in which such conduct may have been occurred and feels compelled to report the violation(s) to proper authorities.

Article III
A Professional Private Investigator will, at all times, demonstrate the highest degree of Integrity during the performance of an investigation.

Article IV
A Professional Private Investigator will comply with lawful orders of the courts at all times, testify truthfully without bias or prejudice, giving accurate, complete factual information, documented where available.

Article V
A Professional Private Investigator will not reveal any confidential information or records of same without proper authorization to do so.

Article VI
A Professional Private Investigator will cooperate with all recognized and responsible law enforcement and government agencies in matters within their jurisdiction.

Article VII
A Professional Private Investigator agrees to abide by these Codes of Ethics and in doing so agrees, that if called upon by the Officers of this Association, to conduct an independent investigation of any member or their employee(s) who may have violated these codes, will accept the necessary disciplinary action voted upon by the current officers. The Ethics Committee does not make any recommendations, but only reports the facts of a given situation to the Executive Board for disciplinary action.

The contact and address information for GAPPI:

Georgia Association of Professional Private Investigators
7600 Schomburg Road
Suite L, PMB 237, Columbus, Georgia 31909
Ph: 877-427-8304
Visit the GAPPI website for more info.