Criminal Investigations Hunter Investigations LLCAccording to the Georgia Tech Research Institute in Atlanta, those simple five or six letter passwords you’ve been using to secure your computer or restrict access to your online information is just not cutting it – giving criminal hackers (as well as amateurs) easy access to your money and your life.

Yes, the shorter passwords are easier to remember, but researchers suggest that a password of at least 12 characters should be used if you want to have any hope of battling the brute force of digital attacks by criminal hackers using software designed to break password codes.

Simply put, technology has advanced so much that today’s number-crunching graphics cards on most computers is equivalent to the capacity of a supercomputer from just 10 years ago – making it easier for the tech savvy bad guys to access your information. And the fact of the matter is, even a 20 character password is subject to being hacked.

However, the average high tech criminal is looking for the easy “mark”; those short, simple to crack pass codes that are rarely – if ever – changed by the authorized user and may even be used across several “secured” websites operated by the same user. That means that once the criminal breaks a password, he or she will then use that password on any other area tied to the authorized user – and often get in. Therefore, despite having loaded your system with the best security software available, if you are using short passwords and not changing them – and if your security system allows for multiple attempts to breach the password – you, your money and everything that is important in your life could be just a click away from a digital “hold up”.